Thursday, May 24, 2007

Not in earnest: more meme madness

All-too-quickly I was tagged again for a meme! This one is not very involved. My meme task, set by Dewey over at the hidden side of a leaf, led me to re-examine another ‘chick lit’ novel. Grabbing the first book next to me, The Importance of Being Earnest I discover Wilde’s play is short and sweet; too brief a candidate for this meme. Next in line was La’Brooy’s wishlist .

Here are the rules:
“You simply have to grab the book nearest to you (no cheating here), turn to page 161, and post the text of the fifth full sentence on the page along with the body of the instruction on your blog. Then you tag 3 people.”

As we’ve established the wish list was the closest fit. And now for the sentence:

"He turned on the overhead torch to reveal the sight of Lucy trying to stuff socks in her ears"

The absurdity of this sentence makes me chuckle all-over again at the candid representation and self-dissection the characters engage in. Quirky, embarrassing and self-critical, the main character Lucy and her friends are an interesting bunch. So, after a simple meme turned book promotion, I’ll tag:

Bybee at Naked Without Books.
Meli at The Little Bookroom
Tanabata at In Spring it is the Dawn


Annie the Superfast Reader said...

Great blog! I just signed up for your feed.

acquisitionist said...

Thanks annie, I'm not too savvy with feeds so I'm adding you to my blogroll for easy access!

Dewey said...

Ha ha, I love books with silly humor. I'm not sure if it counts as chick-lit or not, but the Janet Evanovich mysteries have that same sort of silliness. Though I stopped reading them after 4 or so, because they got to be all the same.

acquisitionist said...

I've heard Janet Evanovich is wildly funny - will have to keep her in mind if I fancy a foray into crime. Are they scary though? I can't stomach much violence.

Dewey said...

No no, not scary at all. I can't bear to watch horror movies, way too squeamish, but no, these are just silly. Sometimes someone gets shot or a car gets blown up, but it's always in an almost slapstick way, like you'd expect from Bugs Bunny or something.

acquisitionist said...

That I can deal with, will keep her in mind to ease me into crime!