Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Jam-packed full of well-dressed bibliophiles, the literary nightclub wasn’t what we had expected. Patrick Neate hosted the event, introducing a series of readers like Sam Wagan-Watson (Aboriginal poet) and Anthony Swofford (Jarhead etc). In between, people were supposed to take advantage of the bar and mingle. There was an older crowd. At about 10pm, and mid-way through a live singer’s performance (how rude!) the people started to head home. L and I have ordered a copy of Watson’s book and I will post up some of his clever work soon.

Uni is back. Procrastination is the temptress once again. This semester I’m doing a Victorian Lit course, Ecotexts/Nature and Technology in Writing, an Education unit and a random history unit. In terms of new faces, I sat next to a girl in education, who asked me what indoctrination meant. She also admitted that she doesn’t want to be a teacher. Come again? Surely an arts degree, and then possibly a dip-ed on top would a better pathway if you couldn’t yet envisage yourself teaching.

Reading. Bumping along on the public transport system, I devoured a gorgeous little Korean novel sent my way by Bybee. It deserves its own pocket of cyberspace (a term coined in Gibson’s Neuromancer , so I learnt in Ecotexts). I will blog it tomorrow. Yes I will. This week I must finish All The Pretty Horses . Also, I’m going to sink myself into the acerbic Edwardian wit of Hector Hugo Munro.


misschevalier said...

Acquisitionist, I have ressurected my blog... new address is
I wrote something, but seem unsble to find my blog myslef at this juncture. Strange considering I locked out two seconds ago.
I have been reading trash this afternoon- deferring finishing Red Earth and Pouring Rain (read it!!) by Vikram Chandra. The dog is having nightmares as he sleeps on the floor behind me, and it puts me in mind of the witching hour- so I'm off to bed, perchance to dream...
Yours, Miss Chevalier

misschevalier said...

typos abound. sorry.

acquisitionist said...

Typos are the norm for comments misschevalier. I must say, I'm so excited to see your blog up and running and look forward to much quality entertainment. I'm tempted to check out the Chandra too after I get onto some hefty Victorian works for uni. Blog on.

Anonymous said...

What did you think of All The Pretty Horses? I can't find a post where you discuss it?